Pattaya Near Islands

Pattaya Near Islands

There are many tourists who every day visit the near island. The island are located 7-10 km from the coast of Pattaya, and here you will find great beaches and plenty of opportunity for sunbathing Dive, or snorkel. On weekends, many people from Bangkok come down and enjoy the good beaches Pattaya have to offer. There are plenty of water sports on all the Near Islands. In total their are more than  20 beaches on the 4 island and most can be reached quite easily.We at Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya run DAILY DIVING TRIPS, every day Dependant on the weather conditions. The  day normally start on the bali high pier where we head out to one of the superb Island of Pattaya. We also do trip to Samaesan which normally requires a bus trip for about 45 minutes to an 1hr down the coast heading out around the Samaesan islands.


Location And Schedule For Our Daily Trips

This is very much dependent on tides and weather conditions also diver certification is very important, Please ask when you are booking if you have a preferred choice or location.We at Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya want to give you the snorkeler or scuba diving the best choice we can on that particular day, so that you can experience the stunning coral reefs that Thailand has to offer. Please do not forget some of the great wreck we have to offer too.

We are the main operator on Jomtien beach road and take booking from all over Pattaya. A vast number of hotel use us on a regular basis as we offer great value and service for money. We offer Snorkeling and Diving trips to both the near and far islands of Pattaya. So why not contact us today and book a great day out.

What Are The Dive Trip Schedules ?

We meet everyday at the Jomtien dive centre Approx 8:15am. We also can offer a late start which is an hour later 9:15am (on request) Depending on schedule.

We then prepare all the dive equipment ready for your departure at approx 8:55 we leave the pier to either the near or far Islands.The Boat  normally return back approximately 3:30pm Everyday, then back to the dive centre.

Choosing the dive site and location.

This is normally done the night before, depending on the weather conditions. If you do have any requests please ask upon booking and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.
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Koh Larn Pattaya

Koh Larn Pattaya is the largest of the three inner islands, it has a quite number of good dive sites which are all very popular. Shark point derives its name from the juvenile nurse sharks that can be spotted hiding in holes and crevices on the reef. Hard and soft corals drop from the surface down to around about 24 meters where a sandy bottom takes over. The drop off on the western side has a series of coral ledges down to around 18 meters and continues down to over 40 meters although there is nothing to be seen at that depth. To the south of the island is Koh Larn Vac where there is the remains a sunken restaurant also over the past couple of years the Thai Navy decided to place a second world war ship, which is a great wreck for novice divers to look at.This area can be subject to a few tidal currents which on occasions can be strong Great for PADI Advanced open Water courses.


Laem Tong

set off to the North West of the island just which is part of a cliff face, in our opinion is probably the best dive of all the islands and only a short way from the wreck HTMS Kut, a terrific dive for the more experience and advanced diver sitting approximately 30 meters . At Laem Tong you will find an area with flat sandy bottoms and many large coral heads and groupings, plenty of small juvenile fish tend to populate this area with fairly large coral reef leading to an underwater rock face dropping to approx. 18 meters. This is a great and interesting area to explore, for both scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers searching different types of marine life. Here you will find numerous amounts of Giant Sea Anemones with their inhabitants as well as a variety of Elephant Ear Anemones and the Black and White Clown Fish. Many divers may have seen these clown fish and observed their habit of disappearing into the mouth of the anemone as the divers approach.

Koh Krok  Island is situated the closest to Pattaya only, 9km (51/2 n. miles ) east of Pattaya Beach. West facing, the Southern point of the island is where all the diving takes place. The corals start from about 7 to 15 metres deep and go into the Island extending nearly to the surface. This is an excellent site for a drift dive as the prevailing currents run parallel to the island, This can be a very exciting dive when the current are running leading to a very exciting and quick drift dive.

Their are many exciting things to see just a few things to see are Staghorn coral, Brain, Mushroom and Table Corals are in abundance. Neptune, Barrel and Blue Sponge are amongst the Soft Corals found here. Bushy Corals can be found at the deeper sections.

At the southern point of the island is home to a few Hawksbill Turtles, which have been resident for a number of years this includes one very old man who has been there for as long as any diver can remember,

Their are also many different types of fish including Pufferfish, Parrotfish, Six banded Wrasses and the odd occasional bamboo shark.


Koh Sak is famous for many tourists all over the world, it’s almost a kidney shaped island lying just to the North of Koh Larn. It is a very popular site with large numbers of tourists that come to Pattaya. These waters can be very busy particularly in the mornings, However from about midday onwards the tourists tend to depart, leaving us the divers and snorkelers to enjoy a nice relaxing day in peace and quiet on this beautiful bay with plentiful corals.

This Island is very well protected from all prevailing winds for most of the year round, giving us calm and clear waters. There are numerous dive sites around this island, most being in about 6–15 meters of water giving the island a vast range of variety.The eastern side of the island is slightly deeper with corals to be found at approximately 26 to 28 meters, lending itself to lots of  different types of marine life.

The North East corner starts with clean white sand then progressing to the usual range of hard corals and soft corals. Here the corals are at depths ranging between 1-7 meters and as you round the corner they progress deeper, extending to 18 meters. This corner is home to a few Hawksbill Turtles as well as numerous Bamboo Sharks blue spotted rays and many more variety of fish. The bamboo sharks are however hard to find as they tend to be very shy and divers need to search them out, usually under the coral heads and deep within the cracks of the rocks.The site also has an abundance of whip Corals, Barrel Sponges some Soft Corals and Gorgonian Fans. The area is subject to fairly strong currents if dived at the wrong time of the day, so If diving please check out the tide tables and plan your dive accordingly.



An interesting dive site as you approach Koh Sak from Pattaya is to be found directly off the small cliff face about 100m out at a depth of 26 m. This site consists of predominantly Soft Corals and Hydroids on a flat sandy bottom and is home to numerous colonies of Sea Horses, Pipe Fish and Dragon Fish. Unfortunately the diver must catch this dive at the right time of day when all the soft corals are open, to really enjoy the myriad of beautiful pastel and fluorescent colors present. The North East point of Koh Sak, has two unusual and rare species that have been found here after an absence of many years. They are Europegasus Draconis and E. Volitans. In the sandy bay of Koh Sak as you head out in a North West direction away from the island there are no corals to mention. The area is home to some very unusual species, including the above mentioned two, as well as Sea horses, Pipe fish, Short Spined Urchins, Sand dollar Urchins, Star fish Tube and Banded Tube Anemones. Flat Fish, Spider crabs, juvenile Octopus and the Periclimes Shrimp. Despite this interesting array of marine life on the sand, they are not plentiful, and divers need to set out knowing that they will have to really look carefully for them. The pleasure derived at finding them is well worth the effort of searching over meters of sand.

At the West part of the bay there are large areas of shallow corals (2–4 meters) with abundant marine life that are suitable for the snorkeler and diver alike, although the snorkelers must beware of the large amount of surface traffic, jet skis, banana boats and speed boats. The best time to be here is from midday onwards, when the hordes of tourist leave the island to return to Pattaya.